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Brazilan Pop

Gilberto Gil

| Brazil

Gilberto Gil is probably the biggest musician in Brazil: He has released 51 albums, 12 of them gold, 5 of them platinum status, won 7 Grammy’s, sold more than 4 million albums and received numerous prizes.

The 72 year old beloved figure has already been active in the music scene for over 46 years.

Gil forged his own music, by joining rock, reggae, funk and rhythms from Bahia together and writing diverse texts about the varied yet not always beautiful reality of the world. This masterful style has made him into one of the most brilliant Brazilian composers and lyricists.

current album: Gilbertos Samba (Geléia Geral, Sony Music 2014)

On tour

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Maarja Nuut

28.09. DE-Düsseldorf
30.09. RU-St.Petersburg
12.10. GR-Thessaloniki
14.10. FR-Cholet
19.10. BE-Brussels
21.10. GB-Whitby
26.10. NL-Tilburg
27.10. NL-Rotterdam
05.11. NO-Oslo
16.01. LU-Luxembourg
17.01. LU-Luxembourg
26.01. BE-Turnhout
27.01. BE-Turnhout
16.02. DE-Berlin
21.03. IR-Dublin
01.09. DE-Wesel

The award-winning artist has been absorbing the rich tradition of Estonian folk and translates it into contemporary music.