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Ed Motta (7970 Bytes)

Soul, Funk, Groove

all year on request 17

Ed Motta

| Brasil

ED MOTTA (Soul, Jazz - Brazil) The internationally acclaimed multi-talent musician and universal bon vivant from Rio just released his new album, bringing together modal Jazz with a deep sense of Soul.   More...

 (38342 Bytes)

Mali Blues

Sep 17, all year on request 17

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba

| Mali

Bassekou Kouyate is considered to be the best N’goni player in the world, revolutionizing the playing of this traditional instrument.  More...

Habib Koité (3193 Bytes)

Afro Pop, Singer Songwriter

all year 17

Habib Koité & Bamada

| Mali

Malian guitarist and singer Habib Koité is one of Africa’s most popular and recognized musicians. In the past 20 years, he excited thousands of fans with his “Pan-Malian” Sound.  More...

 (870070 Bytes)

World Groove

all year 17


| Israel

A-Wa("Ay-wa") is one of the most exciting new bands in world music.   More...

Bakken Rebekka (34226 Bytes)

Jazz, Singer-Songwriter

all year 17, all year 18

Rebekka Bakken

| Norway

Rebekka Bakken is without any doubt one of the most distinctive voices in Europe.   More...

Roster Bild Chico Trujillo (11794 Bytes)

Cumbia Ska

Chico Trujillo

| Chile

Chico Trujillo, "The Latin Gogol Bordello" is one of Chile’s most important bands.   More...

 (9634 Bytes)

Touareg Rock, Blues

Khaira Arby

| Mali

One of the living legends of Malian music, Khaira Arby is widely hailed as the queen of Malian desert soul.  More...

YemenBlues Roster 2013 (6161 Bytes)

Blues, Funk, Oriental

all year 17

Yemen Blues

| Israel

Yemen Blues a great ensemble around their charismatic singer Ravid Kahalani present a high energy fusion of Middle Eastern sounds, funk, blues and rock.  More...

Noura-thumb (9892 Bytes)

Psychedelic, Desert Blues

Noura Mint Seymali

| Mauretania

Noura Mint Seymali bends the arc of Moorish musical tradition to fit our contemporary moment.  More...

Söndörgö (40823 Bytes)

Folk, World, Balkan

all year 17


| Hungary

Söndörgő perfectly understand to present a magnificent live show, so they are already a constant performer of festivals in Hungary and Europe...  More...

 (8132 Bytes)

Folk, Electronics

all year 17

Maarja Nuut

| Estonia

The award-winning artist has been absorbing the rich tradition of Estonian folk and translates it into contemporary music.   More...

Islam Chipsy and EEK (9505 Bytes)

Electro Sha\'abi

all year 17

Islam Chipsy & EEK

| Egypt

-coming soon-  More...

 (237242 Bytes)

Contemporary Kurdish Folk Music

all year 17


| Turkey

Highly praised for her excellent voice and her sensual singing, Aynur has become very popular in Europe among the Kurdish and Turkish community.  More...

 (6673 Bytes)

Contemporary African Music

all year 17

Rokia Traoré

| Mali

Rokia Traoré is one of the most important voices of Africa. A times melancholic, times extroverted, earthy, groovy mixture of the tone colors of the Sahel and European indie Rock.  More...

 (6622 Bytes)


all year 17

Ana Moura

| Portugal

Ana Moura, this extraordinary soulful singer is Portugal’s leading fadista and has artists such as the Rolling Stones and Prince as unconditional fans!   More...

 (431942 Bytes)

Jazz/Rock trp.

all year 17

Ibrahim Maalouf

| Lebanon

Ibrahim Maalouf is the only trumpeter in the world to play the «Quarter-tone trumpet». This trumpet was invented by his father in the sixties.  More...

elina duni (6913 Bytes)

Jazz, Folk

all year 17

Elina Duni Quartet

| Switzerland / Albania

A wonderful singer, who easily bridges the boundaries of music between her homeland Albania and modern jazz!  More...

 (4304 Bytes)

Next Generation of Jazz, Stretch Music

Christian Scott



Brad Mehldau (37110 Bytes)

Jazz, Contemporary Music

Brad Mehldau

| America

A man to whom you probably barely have to say anything; with an eclectic program of original compositions and standards of jazz, rock and pop, he is considered to be one of the most important voices of contemporary jazz piano.  More...

 (6451 Bytes)

Afro-Pop/ Funk/ Blues

all year 17

Moh! Kouyaté

| Guinea/France

The virtuous guitarist and singer Moh! Kouyaté is anchored in and inspired by both traditional and pop music.   More...

Goran Bregovic (6524 Bytes)

Balkan brass and film music

all year 17

Goran Bregovic

| Serbia

Goran Bregovic, takes the audience on a breathtaking journey through the Balkans and beyond during his concerts with his famous Wedding And Funeral Band.  More...

 (8362 Bytes)

Song, Fado

all year 17

António Zambujo

| Portugal

António Zambujo is a singer of amazing finesse.   More...

Angélique Kidjo (5575 Bytes)

African Pop Music

Angelique Kidjo

| Benin

Angelique Kidjo is constantly crossing musical boundaries.   More...

Richard Galliano (5502 Bytes)


Richard Galliano

| France

Richard Galliano is worldwide known for having "discovered" the accordion in jazz music. He played more than 150 concerts around the globe last year!   More...

Mydy Rabyad (30097 Bytes)


Mydy Rabycad

| Czech Republic

Known for their wild stage shows, great original songs and a fantastic singer with an eccentric manifestation, this young band from Prague has gathered a larged fanbase.   More...

Taksim Trio (7489 Bytes)

Contemporary Jazz

Taksim Trio

| Turkey

Taksim Trio is a great contemporary music trio from Istanbul. It consists of three of the best and most famous Turkish instrumentalists, superstars in their home country!  More...

 (4069 Bytes)

African pop music

Youssou NDour

| Senegal

The Senegalese musician and Grammy winner Youssou Ndour is considered Africa’s most famous voice.  More...

 (7580 Bytes)

Capverde music, singer


| Portugal


 (10846 Bytes)

Trip-Hop Samba


| Brazil

"The future of Brazilian music" says Caetano Veloso about Céu. Being a songwriter herself, She is different from other young singers from brazil. Céu is sensual, clever and writes her own songs.  More...

 (3190 Bytes)

Singer-Songwriter, Pop

Chico César

| Brazil

Known as one of the best Brazilian singer-songwriters, he’s come back to his musical career after almost a decade in politics.  More...

 (6759 Bytes)

Jazzpop, Blues, R'n'B

all year 17

Torsten Goods

| Germany/Ireland

He is an absolute shooting-star in the jazz scene and is getting excellent international critics for his new album and live concerts! His charismatic attitude guarantee a great show!  More...

 (2487 Bytes)

Jazz, Classic, Pop

Eliane Elias

| Brazil

Eliane Elias five time Grammy nominee, is both a world class pianist and a vocal jazz artist.   More...

 (6434 Bytes)

Pizzica Tarantata

all year 17

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino

| Italy

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino is regarded as Italy’s leading and longest-standing traditional music ensemble.   More...

 (8358 Bytes)

Indie Folk

all year on request 17

Sam Lee & Friends

| Great Britain

Sam Lee is counted as one of the exceptional British folk artists. Already his first album has been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize.  More...

 (658442 Bytes)

Cumbia, Funk, Rock

all year 17

La Chiva Gantiva

| Belgium

La Chiva Gantiva thrill audiences with their own unique style of Latin funk performed with a rock-and-roll attitude.  More...

roster yilian (9739 Bytes)

Jazz-Violin, Afro-Cuban

all year 17

Yilian Canizares

| Cuba/Switzerland

She traverses memories of Chopin, of Chucho Valdés, of New York jazz, of the imperious audacity of Santería ceremonies.  More...

 (7980 Bytes)

Jazz, Soul, Blues

Robin McKelle


Robin McKelle has consistently proved to her ever-expanding fan base that she's 100% steeped in soul.   More...

Omar Sosa (7710 Bytes)

Jazz, World, Afro-Cuban

all year 17

Omar Sosa

| Cuba

The superb Cuban pianist’s new album “Eggun” was released in Februar 2013. Spirit and passion are guaranteed - also live on stage!  More...

Tiken Jah Fakoly (10759 Bytes)


Tiken Jah Fakoly

| Ivory Coast

He is currently one of the most in demand Reggae artists in Africa. He combines the catchy Reggae beat with serious and compelling lyrics.  More...

 (10164 Bytes)

Afro-House, World, Electro

all year 17


| Portugal / Angola

Batida combains urban pop culture from angola with modern electronic music. Their new record "Dois" (Soundway records) has been published in October 2014!  More...

Rachid Taha (3750 Bytes)

Rock n Rai

Rachid Taha

| Algeria

The eccentric Rai Rock’n Roller Rachid Taha is cult. Since 30 years he combines Rai and other Arabic rhythms and melodies with Rock und Punk.   More...

Somi (6305 Bytes)

Vocal Jazz



Often referred to as a modern-day Miriam Makeba, JazzTimes magazine describes her live performance as “the earthy gutsiness of Nina Simone blended with the vocal beauty of Dianne Reeves"...  More...

 (9933 Bytes)

Brazilan Pop

Gilberto Gil

| Brazil

With over 50 albums released, Gilberto Gil has 12 gold records, 5 platinum albums, 7 grammys and sold more than 4 million records.  More...

 (4566 Bytes)

Vocal Jazz in cooperation with Unlimited Myles, Inc

Gretchen Parlato


Gretchen Parlato´s voice is a thing of wonder. Striking the ideal balance between precision and flexibility, she is never predictable!   More...

Jo Harman Roster (8818 Bytes)

Soul, Blues, Roots

Jo Harman

| UK

Jo Harmans rise was widely described as meteoric, but as so often in reality she took her time to improve her craft, to refine her song writing and by hard work steadily enlarge the number of fans and admirers.  More...

Trad.Attack! (18564 Bytes)



| Estonia

TRAD.ATTACK! is fresh folk music from Estonia - passionate, powerful, dynamic, cheerful.  More...

Mashrou Leila (15284 Bytes)

Alternative Arabic Rock

Mashrou Leila

| Lebanon

The Lebanese indie band Mashrou‘ Leila have caused a pop rebellion in the Middle East with their raucous music and their explicit lyrics.   More...

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (6015 Bytes)

Jazz, Contemporary

all year 17

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

| Germany

18 instrumentalists of different origins and musical backgrounds constantly impress the discerning visitors of classical music festivals as well as they rock at festivals like Roskilde.  More...

On tour

 (8132 Bytes)

Maarja Nuut

28.09. DE-Düsseldorf
30.09. RU-St.Petersburg
12.10. GR-Thessaloniki
14.10. FR-Cholet
19.10. BE-Brussels
21.10. GB-Whitby
26.10. NL-Tilburg
27.10. NL-Rotterdam
05.11. NO-Oslo
16.01. LU-Luxembourg
17.01. LU-Luxembourg
26.01. BE-Turnhout
27.01. BE-Turnhout
16.02. DE-Berlin
21.03. IR-Dublin
01.09. DE-Wesel

The award-winning artist has been absorbing the rich tradition of Estonian folk and translates it into contemporary music.